“The Essential Woman” Recipe Booklet with Labels – English

Got 5 minutes? Go create a natural beauty product with essential oils! Both new and experienced oil users will revel in this collection of head-to-toe recipes that are easy to make. (A few entries require some wait time for cooling or setting up.) So get set for some simple yet serious pampering to improve both your health and appearance. This beautiful presentation with full-color, lifestyle photographs also includes preprinted, moisture-resistant labels for a container of each product. “The Essential Woman” is a super starting place for a make & take class. And it’s a great gift for girls of all ages! (To make more recipes for yourself, your family, and your home, see our companion booklet, “The Essential Family.”)


Contents: 1 book with moisture-resistant labels for recipes.

Pages: 26

Dimensions: 21 x 14 cm




Health and Beauty Care Recipes

Nails – Nail Polish Remover and Nail Strengthening Serum

Makeup – Eye Makeup Remover and Makeup Brush Cleaner

Lips – Brown Sugar Scrub and Simply Natural Lip Balm

Facial – Honey Orange Foaming Facewash and Exfoliating Honey Face Mask

Eye – Eyelash Enhancing Serum and Gentle Eye Cream

Hair – Moisturizing Coconut Milk Shampoo, Anti-Frizz Spray, Hair Conditioning Serum, Hair Detangling Spray, and Hair Growth Booster

Body – Lemon Rosemary Body Scrub, Cacao Peppermint Body Scrub, Cooling Aloe Vera Peppermint Lotion, Body Butter, and Stretch Mark Cream

Bath – Invigorating Bath Fizzers and Relaxing Bath

Soak Oils for Specific Conditions

Ingredients Glossary