Symphony of the Cells™ Parents Guide Bifold – English

Caring for your children with Symphony of the Cells™ essential oil applications has never been so easy! The parent’s guide bi-fold shares:

  • Detailed instructions for how to use SOC and essential oils safely for children.
  • The full steps to the Basic SOC Application and possible related conditions it can help support.
  • How to support common concerns including emotional and digestive conditions: a list of essential oils, SOC applications, and natural supplements that are ideal to use.

The Parent Guide Bi-fold is an easy to reference guide you can trust, when it comes to using essential oils to support your family.

You can also share the bi-fold with others: in a class setting, with friends, potential clients, team members, and more!


Contents: 1 x card, Bifold

Dimensions: 14 x 21,5 cm

Language: English.