Shea Nilotica (Soft Shea Butter – Cold pressed) – 100 ml

  • Deliciously soft shea butter from East Africa
  • Vitamins A&E help support the skin’s restorative capacity
  • Known for its anti-aging properties
  • 100% pure and natural


 Shea Nilotica – creamy, soft butter from East Africa

Discover the surprisingly rich and creamy shea butter with rare properties that is only produced in the remote areas of East Africa. This anti-aging wonder cream is rich in vitamins A and E. This velvety butter is very gentle on sensitive facial skin and melts on your body, where it works deep into the pores and skin.


The butter is sustainably produced, naturally sourced and undergoes no refining, yet the aroma is subtle compared to its West African counterpart. Shea Nilotica grows in green areas where it rains much more than on the dry savannas where the West African shea comes from. The women there take care of the shea trees and collect the fallen fruits that they let dry in the sun. The nuts are then taken to a factory where they are processed into this soft butter.


Shea Nilotica butter is so soft and pure that it is a must have to protect delicate baby skin. Regular baby lotion and oils often contain aggressive synthetic additives, fragrances and dyes. Shea Nilotica butter is a pure, protective softener, straight from nature. Shea Nilotica butter keeps your baby’s skin, but also yours, wonderfully soft.


Difference between Shea Butter and Shea Nilotica

The Shea Nilotica is softer than the regular Shea Butter because it contains more oleic acid. In addition, the Shea Nilotica has a lighter scent than the Shea Butter.



Use Shea Nilotica daily on cleansed skin for silky smooth results. Massage a little bit of the butter on your face as an eye- and day cream, or massage your body with it after showering. Use the butter when your skin is still a little moist, your skin absorbs the oils extra well and it ensures that the shea butter retains the moisture in your skin, for a wonderfully hydrated feeling.


Use for

For the preparation of cosmetics and skincare products.


Shelf life

18 months


Ingredients Shea Nilotica Butter
INCI Butyrospermum Parkii Butter
Substance: Butter
Consistence: Buttery|Creamy
Color: Creamy Yellow
Smell: Light nutty
Soluble in: Oil
EWG rating:
(Lower = better)
Free of phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, nanoparticles, SLS, triclosan, talc, silicone, aluminum, Bisphenols (BPA), PEGs, DEA, TEA, MEA.




Can block pores if you have an oily skin. May cause an allergic reaction for people with an allergy to latex or nuts from trees.



100 ml

Also available in 250 ml


Natural Heroes, Netherlands.


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