Quick Reference Guide to Balancing Chakras Using Essential Oils rack card (single) – English

These handy, 4 sided, quick reference guides are ideal education cards for knowing how to utilise essential oils into chakra wellness practices. Capturing all the basics that you’ll need including:


  • How to use essential oils during your chakra wellness practice
  • Dilution of essential oils
  • Location and name of 7 primary chakras
  • Affirmations for each chakra
  • Essential oils to support each chakra
  • Chakra diffuser blend recipes
  • Using gemstones & crystal


Use these as handouts during a class, educational event, or use on a stand or display to share with others. Or why not send inside a welcome pack to new customers to help them to see the potential for further extended use of their essential oils.


Contents: 1 card

Language: English.


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