Positive Affirmations and Essential Oils Card Deck – English

The deck of cards is created just for you if you want to start improving your well-being through positive affirmations and essential oils.

The card pack contains 98 questions / cards that support you, positive affirmations and recommendations for using essential oils.


How to use the cards:

• Shuffle the cards and allow a card to fall out or pick a card yourself.

• Ask yourself the question or read out the positive affirmations with strong feeling.

• If you have essential oils, use the recommended essential oil while reading the affirmations.

• Use the affirmations every day.


The author suggests starting with asking a question first and then starting to say the positive affirmations. This is because positive affirmation may not seem right at first – the mind refuses to believe it and we find it difficult to say it with emotion. If you are ready to make a positive contribution and believe it, do it with a strong feeling!


Contents:  98 question/affirmation cards.

Language: English.

Dimensions: 9 x 9 cm.


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