Network Marketing Prayers – English

Finance & Success – Each of us has to deal with it every day. Every day we are confronted with our finances and your finances say a lot about you. It is important to me that you interpret the prayers in this book well. This is not a “pray you fast (succeed) rich book”, but it’s about being able to re-understand the topic of finance and wealth. If you are in MLM, you can reach it faster than you think. Some have lost everything again. Recognize with the wisdom and the 30 prayers in this book, how you will experience millions of blessings in your life.


What does God say in the Bible about finances? Why do we actually have to pray at all? The insights in this book will be totally life-changing.


“Pray yourself into your uniqueness” – “Living generously is a true statement of freedom” – “Money has the power to change your life” – “I do not want to be rich – I want to be blessed”.


30 powerful prayers for network marketing everyday, to reach your next rank and for successful team building and leadership.


Pages: 60

Size: 14,5 x 21 cm

Language: English.

Author: Thorsten Weiss


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