MyMakes: Essentially Prepared in Pregnancy by Stephanie Fritz – English

MyMakes are recipe and information brochures that contain themed wellness objectives to support a variety of family needs. Each set comes with a brochure containing at least 10 blend recipes, hints, tips and safety information along with other usage guidance. In addition there’s also a sheet of labels and cap stickers to accompany each recipe in the brochure.


Stephanie’s collection of essential birth blends walks you through the use of essential oils safely during pregnancy, labour and birth, enjoy helpful hints throughout pregnancy as well as roller bottle recipes to pack in your birth bag. These blends were created to help pregnancy mums, doulas and midwives get the clarity, confidence and tools you need to trust birth, have the experience you desire, as well as feeling empowered and confident as you progress through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. When you give birth, you find out just how truly magnificent you are, and we want to help prepare you for that realisation and accomplishment! MyMakes are ideal to use personally to compliment your essential oil usage or use them to educate in a workshop or event setting where attendees can make & create, following which they can then take away the remaining brochure and labels to inspire them to use their essential oils more.


We’ve created a unique multi use label that you can simply use as suggested in the brochure, or on alternative sized bottles of your choice as you personalise and customise to your requirements. May be you wish to make a half sized bottle as a sample or a room spray. The labels can be trimmed with scissors to fit a variety of bottles as illustrated and indicated on the label sheet.


Contents: 1 Brochure & label sheet

Language: English


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