Modern Essentials Reflexology Chart, 10th Edition – Español

Find the exact points for foot and hand reflexology and learn which essential oils support them.

  • Includes new 2018 oils and blends.
  • Features dōTERRA® brand names for blends.
  • Also groups individual points by body systems.
  • Folds out for large, double-sided presentation.
  • Printed on UV-coated card stock to repel oils and water.



Quickly identify the exact points for foot and hand reflexology and how they support major body systems! The information on this chart is condensed from the comprehensive guide, Modern Essentials, and includes functions that are supported by recommended dōTERRA® oils and blends (noted by brand names). This useful chart is double sided, with the hand chart on one side and the foot chart on the other. It is printed on heavy card stock with a UV coating to protect it from oils and water. Ideal for individual inquiries, meetings, classes, and trade shows.



Publication: 10th edition.

Language: Spanish.

Dimensions: Folded – 28 x 21,5 cm. Unfolded – 28 x 43 cm


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