Melting pot Au Bain-Marie (Stainless steel)


  • Useful for all your DIY’s
  • Cleansed easily in the dishwasher
  • Stainless steel


What is a melting pot?

With this handy melting pot you can easily make all your natural brews yourself. In this melting pot you can melt butters, oils and waxes in a very simple way without it being in direct contact with the heat source. This traditional way of heating is called au bain-marie.

By melting products au bain-marie, all products retain their valuable properties. This is because no unnecessarily high temperatures are used during melting. In this way you can easily make high-quality ointments, creams, balms, etc.


What can you use it for?


With this classic melting pot you can easily melt au bain-marie products. Place the pot in another pan filled with boiling water. Make sure that the bottom of the au bain-marie pan is in contact with the boiling water. You will see that the ingredients will slowly melt.


Why this one?

This easy to use melting pot has handy hooks so that it can easily be placed in any pan. Furthermore, this stainless steel pot is easy to wash in the dishwasher. The pan has a fine size so you can easily store it, but is also large enough to make ointments and creams.

This pot is not too big, so you can easily store it, but it is large enough to use for a full pot of ointment or creams.

Clean thoroughly before first use.



27×14,5×5,5 cm



350 ml


Natural Heroes, Netherlands.


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