“Introduction to Modern Essentials” Booklet, 14th Edition (Single) – English

A pocket guide to essential oils and how to use them for physical, mental, and emotional health.


  • All the basics to get beginners going.
  • New 2022 dōTERRA® single oils and blends by brand name.
  • Over 60 single oils, common uses, and application methods.
  • Over 250 health conditions and recommended single oils, blends, and other products.
  • Easy DIY recipes and tips for aromatic, topical, and internal use.


This essential reference booklet is packed with information but small enough to carry in your pocket! An ideal way to introduce essential oils to others. Contents: introductory information, over 60 common essential oils and their uses, easy do-it-yourself recipes, and a personal usage guide listing over 250 health conditions with recommended oils and blends. New 2022 oils are included, with blends listed by dōTERRA® brand.

The information in this booklet is from the Modern Essentials Handbook. Please refer to Modern Essentials for additional information research and usage suggestions.



Contents: 1 booklet.

Publication: 14th Edition.

Language: English.

Pages: 92.

Dimensions: 9 x 12,5 cm.




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