Facing the Waves – English

Facing the Waves is an uplifting and proactive guide to help you reclaim your health and hope as you journey through grief.


This book serves as an inspirational tool—each chapter pairing poignant, relatable stories of faith that highlight specific types
of grief with practical oil protocols to help you address the common physical and emotional challenges associated with loss
—plus journal questions to help you navigate the next steps of your grieving process.


As doTERRA® Wellness Advocates, Sue Ann Grann and Heidi Seamon have been entrusted with the special honor and
responsibility of helping many, not only in their health journeys but during their most painful moments of loss. The two have
partnered to create a movement of healing during a time when the collective world is hurting. The believe that no one needs
to “go it alone” in their grief.


You are invited to curl up in a cozy spot with your favorite cup of comfort and dive in! As you sit down with the stories of
those who have traveled this road before you, allow this book to offer you the tools to help you find relief from loss and a
sense of divine hope to carry on.



Publication: 2022.
Pages: 115.
Language: English
Binding: Softcover.


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