Essential Oils for Maternal Wellness – English

Essential Oils for Maternal Wellness will give you, or an expectant mother, the knowledge to integrate Essential Oils into maternity and birth. Readers will become more confident using and recommending Essential Oils during pregnancy, each phase of labour, in postpartum, and in caring for infants and babies too.

Essential Oils can be used safely and effectively to lessen the majority of common discomforts that arise during the period of pregnancy and beyond. Aromatherapy has risen in popularity and is forging the way to becoming one of the most affordable means for self-care, and family care, with improved access to high-quality oils, Essential Oil research, and education.

Stephanie McBride is a mother of three, a passionate advocate for the use of Essential Oils as a form of natural self-care from the moment of conception and far beyond. Her primary focus on botanical medicine studies, coupled with practical experience as a certified clinical herbalist, professional aromatherapist, and functional nutritionist, has given her the in-depth knowledge necessary to simplify this ancient health modality for others to enjoy.


Publication: 2021.
Pages: 103.
Language: English.
Binding: Coil, softcover.
Dimensions: 15 x 21 cm.


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