Essential Emotions: Your Guide to Process, Release, and Live Free, 9th Edition – English

Essential oils are widely used for physical health but not as often for emotional healing. Essential Emotions bridges this gap as a user-friendly guide for helping you taking charge of your emotional health. First, the guide describes the innate emotional properties of common oils and blends. Then, a reference chart and comprehensive index help you choose oils and blends for a wide variety of emotional states.


The “Essential Emotions Wheel” is a great way to quickly reference the emotional properties of oils.


Take charge of your emotional health with the help of essential oils!

  • Introduces basic stages of emotional healing and tools for emotional work.
  • Alphabetically lists single oils and blends and discusses their emotional properties.
  • Updated with a body guide to connect emotions to physical issues, and an emotions guide with processing questions.
  • Contains all new 2020 dōTERRA® oils.


Publication: 2020, 9th edition.

Pages: 283.


Binding: Softcover with coil.

Dimensions: 15 x 21 cm.




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