Essential Emotions Wheel 2022, 11th Edition – English

This double-sided reference wheel for “Essential Emotions – 11th edition” is a beautiful, quick reference resource you can take with you on-the-go. One side categorizes and lists positive emotions and the essential oils that support them. The other side likewise lists negative emotions and the oils that help release them. Laminated for durability and moisture-resistance.
The 11th edition includes all 2022 dōTERRA single oils and blends.


Combine the wheel with the Essential Emotions book, Insight Cards and Feelings Guide Chart to fully enjoy all the benefits.

Or get the Full Bundle!



Publication: 11th Edition.

Dimensions: 23 cm diameter.

Language: English.


  • Buy 6 – 11 for € 5,60 each
  • Buy 12 – 24 for € 5,30 each
  • Buy 25 – 36 for € 5,00 each
  • Buy 36 or more for € 4,65 each


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