Elements of Emotion – English

by Desiree de Lunae (Mangandog)


Are you ready to explore what each essential oil has to offer you? I invite you to Elements of Emotion, where the Spirit of each plant is explained through the lens of ancient Chinese Medicine. Health happens with free flow of energy.


When we get stuck in an emotion, we obstruct free flow. With the various types of emotional struggles we experience, it is critical to pair the right essential oils with the presenting emotional battle. Learn about the psychospiritual roles of the Elements and their corresponding organs, and how each plant influences them.


When an Element is weakened or stagnant, a specific plant serves as the antidote to restore harmony to body and spirit. Pair the right plant with the problem, and free flow of energy returns.


Just as we are spirits having a human experience, each plant is also a spirit having a plant experience. They have their strengths, quirks and unique personalities. Intimately get to know your essential oils, the best situations to use them in, and strategically pair them for maximum results.


Elements of Emotion will take you on a ride to yourself. Let’s liberate you from trapped emotions that hold you back from the fully expressed and fully realized version of you.


Publication: September 2021.

Pages: 191.

Language: English.

Binding: Softcover.

Dimensions: 18 x 23 cm.


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