Diamond Planner – English

The Diamond Planner – for all Wellness Advocates who want to progress and reach the next rank up to Diamond.


Lovingly designed and detailed, this planner will help you month after month with your planning and the achievement of your goals and ranks. The Diamond Planner helps you organize and focus, keep an eye on your business activities, increase your productivity, direct your focus to the most important people and things and convert your experiences into strengths.


The month and week pages are undated so this compact planner can be used immediately starting with the current month. Here’s how he helps you move up to your next rank month after month:

  1. Start each month with the monthly overview.
  2. Define your monthly goals.
  3. Prioritize your activities – which to-dos are in focus?
  4. Plan your rank and your tasks to reach the next rank.
  5. Use the monthly contact pages – which people should get your full attention?
  6. Design your weeks with the detailed weekly overviews (vertical day view with hourly grid).
  7. Look back at your month. What were your goals? did you reach her
  8. Let yourself be amazed by our inspirational quotes and favorite diffuser blends each month
  9. Use the extra blank pages to jot down impressions, ideas, or conversations.

Content of the planner:

  • Editable table of contents
  • Instructions – how do I use the Diamond Planner?
  • Sample Rank Planner – what do I enter and how to determine and reach my required OV?
  • Name list with space for up to 200 names
  • 12 monthly overviews (undated)
  • 12 contact pages – who is particularly important to me this month?
  • 12 monthly goals
  • 12 monthly report pages
  • 52 weekly overviews (undated)
  • Note section with blank pages


Publication: 2021.

Language: English

Pages: 272.

Binding: Hardcover.

Dimensions: 21 x 15 cm.


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