Cats A-Z of Ailments (Single) – English

You’ve come to love the Essential Knowledge Series materials and now, in conjunction with Dr Janet Roark – The Essential Vet and Sabrina Dill – Practicing Aromatherapist, we’ve created these super informative education cards.


One of the most important ways we can take care of our beloved pets is by educating ourselves on healthy alternatives and by being proactive in making great lifestyle decisions for them, so they can live a long life full of health and vitality.


This two sided education card captures ailments identified for cats, with suggested essential oils and application methods, resulting in this handy card becoming your go to quick guide on how best to support your beloved feline friend in a natural way.


The front of this card details usage guidance for topical use and diffusing as well as safety, while the back of the card has details on how to use your essential oils for different ailments that may affect your cats.


These are perfect handouts for new oil users or for those who have cats or are interested in learning more about supporting animals using natural methods.


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Also available as a 10-pack.


Contents: 1 card.

Language: English.



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