Beeswax White – 250 gr

  • Ideal for use as an ingredient in lip balms or lotions
  • 100% pure and natural
  • Nourishing effect due to the presence of esters, fatty acids and vitamin A
  • Beeswax has a very long shelf life


White beeswax is decolorized yellow beeswax. At first, the wax is colorless and transparent when it comes out of the bee’s body, but the bees add pollen and propolis to it, giving it its beautiful yellow to golden brown color. The wax is then purified and bleached with activated carbon by means of a natural process. This is done so that the beeswax can also be used in food and medication. The only difference for usage in cosmetics is the color; The white beeswax is easier to mix with a color, as is done with mascara, lipstick and colored lip balms.

Like honey, beeswax has the property that it has a long shelf life. It naturally has a purifying effect that supports the skin.


Beeswax is usually added to creams and lotions for a little more firmness, because it only melts at higher temperatures (around 65ºC), but because it also works great as a moisturizer, it is a valuable ingredient in itself.


The use of beeswax

Beeswax is ideal to use as an ingredient in homemade lip balms and lotions. It makes your product easier to use because it becomes a bit firmer and thicker.


Beeswax must first be heated and melted before you can use it in care products. Do this au bain-marie so that the wax does not get too hot. As soon as the wax is liquid, add the other oils you want in your product and heat everything for a while (if you add a cold oil to the beeswax, it immediately solidifies again and you can no longer mix it). Then pour into a glass jar or bottle, let cool for a while and your product is ready for use! Beeswax is only oil-soluble and therefore does not dissolve in water.


Use for

For the preparation of cosmetics and skincare products.


Shelf life

24 months


Ingredients White Beeswax
INCI Cera Alba
Substance: Wax
Consistence: Wax
Color: White to Cream
Smell: Slightly honey like
Soluble in: Oil
EWG rating:
(Lower = better)
Free of phthalates, parabens, mineral oils, nanoparticles, SLS, triclosan, talc, silicone, aluminum, Bisphenols (BPA), PEGs, DEA, TEA, MEA.





250 grams white beeswax pellets.

Also available in 100 gram.


Natural Heroes, Netherlands.