Aroma Heal 2: Powerful Techniques to Accelerate Inner Healing with Essential Oils – English

By Christi Turley Diamond BS, MEd and Karisa Tomkinson BS, MS. Aroma Heal 2 adds 5 new tools to the emotional healing toolbox introduced in Aroma Heal 1. Learn how to dissolve emotional chains, remove heart stones, apply the Ho’Oponopono technique, release your inner prisoners, and heal your inner divinity. Again, anyone can understand and apply the techniques with remarkable results. This second volume sheds further light on the science of essential oils and how they create an environment of emotional healing within the body. Combined with simple energy healing techniques, the oils help accelerate and deepen permanent emotional release for increased inner peace and happiness.



Binding: Softcover.

Pages: 168.

Language: English.

Dimensions: 12,5 x 20,5 cm.