A Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils: Recipes and Practices for a Natural Lifestyle and Holistic Health – English

By Hayley Hobson. Using essential oils for DIY wellness can be your first step to holistic health and happiness. Homeopathic medicine, herbal remedies, and essential oils are at an all-time peak of popularity in a world where healthcare comes at a premium cost. The author, a busy parent and successful global entrepreneur, brings all her know-how as a health coach and essential oil expert to this book. What sets Hayley’s guide apart from all the rest is how she combines the healing secrets of essential oils with a regimen of exercise, healthy living, and mental and emotional wellness practices. She also includes applying the positive principles of aromatherapy at home and at work using diffused essential oil to improve personal and shared space. Get empowered to take good care of yourself and your loved ones with natural healing.


What you’ll learn inside this book:

  • – Hayley’s signature recipes created for specific health benefits.
  • – Helpful remedies to boost well-being and mood.
  • – Safe handling and usage guidelines for families.
  • – Using oils to create balance as part of a holistic lifestyle.
  • – Why we get out of balance in the first place.


Pages: 176.

Binding: Hardcover.

Dimensions: 14,5 x 22,5 cm.


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