60 ml Clear Plastic Oval Bottle with White Nasal Spray Top

This small oval bottle is perfect for creating your own natural nasal sprays. The pump-style top sprays a fine mist into the nostrils, and the clear PET plastic displays the contents of the bottle.


Perfect for creating your own nasal sprays.

  • Produces a fine mist into nostrils.
  • Handles ergonomically.
  • Convenient size is ideal for sharing or travel.
  • Transparent bottle shows content level.


Contents: 1 clear plastic bottle, 1 white plastic nasal pump, and 1 clear acrylic hood.

Volume: 60 ml.

Neck: 20-410.


Note: Because some essential oils may clog the spraying mechanism, these spray tops are not guaranteed when used with vegetable and essential oils.


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