20 gr Lotion tubes with Massage rollers – Rust/White/Blue (Pack of 3)

These wonderful aromatherapy lotion tubes with massage roller fitment provides you with an easy and clean way to apply your creams and lotions where you want.
The massaging function adds a real wellness experience to your skincare routine or after-workout relief, while the stainless steel rollers offer a cooling sensation on the skin.

It features three stainless steel rollers for a deep tissue massage application. In combination with a homemade lotion or a pain-relieving cream, this makes for a great gift to hand your family or friends.



  • Pour cream into the tube.
  • Place the massage fitting securely onto the tube.
  • Squeeze the desired amount of cream out.
  • Massage the cream on to the skin with circular motions, apply pressure as needed.



3 lotion tubes, 20 gr (Dark Blue, Rust Brown, White).
3 massage roller fittings with transparent screwcaps.


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