doTERRA Branded Deluxe Foam Case (Holds 79 Vials) – Purple Foliage

This padded carrying case takes many oils with you to meetings, classes, and trade shows! It holds 79 vials of various sizes, each protected in a separate padded compartment. Several inside and outside pockets also safely transport paper materials and a bottle of carrier oil. dōTERRA ® logo printed on front. You’re all set for your next event!


Contents: 1 vinyl carrying case and 1 removable foam insert.

Dimensions:  ca. 25 x 40 x 13 cm.

Color: Purple Foliage



Foam insert holds 79 vials – 66 spaces for up to 15 ml; 13 spaces for 5 ml or roll-ons.

Zippered pockets on the inside and outside – protection for books, pamphlets, and other materials.

Slip pocket on the outside for easy access to materials.

Mesh pocket on the end – holds a carrier oil bottle.

Detachable, adjustable shoulder strap.

dōTERRA® branded.



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